You are
not alone.

I have been where you are.

I logged decades of being overweight, dieting, losing weight, gaining weight, carrying around a low-level misery along with the extra weight.

Life was good in many ways: work, family, friends.  I learned to be grateful for all I had.  I appreciated the life I had.  That should make the misery go away, right?  Nope.

But, when I started getting wise to the important role my brain was playing in what was going on with how I felt, how I ate, how I looked at my future, I started to see some significant changes.  The changes I had dreamed about but never really believed in.

I reached a point in my weight loss journey where I had given up caring about the size of my body.  Or the number on the scale.  I just wanted some peace around the whole shebang.  And I found it.  Weight loss success for me was losing 60 pounds in my first 6 months of applying my new tools.  It was a such a welcome surprise.  And now, years later, it’s something I get to enjoy every day.

Now, I LOVE working with clients like you.

As your coach we navigate the road to your success together.  We will laugh together, learn together, and try new things in the safe place of our sessions.  I am with you every step of the way.  You will reach your goals, not just dream about them.  You deserve it.

It all starts with our free coaching session together.  I’ll teach you some tools to get you started.  Then, we will check to see if it’s a good match.  

I am so looking forward to meeting you.